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The scope of CSER's activities ensures that the impact of the Center reaches beyond the Caltech campus. Our outreach efforts include science education, technology transfer, and interaction across the international energy research community.


Educational Outreach


One of the goals of CSER educational outreach is to enrich science education at the undergraduate, high school and middle school levels, in particular reaching a large number of underrepresented students. CSER educational outreach engages the broader public by providing reliable information about global energy challenges. Whenever possible, CSER will collaborate with other organizations and promote their educational materials, programs, websites, and other products. It is not the goal of CSER to reinvent or duplicate effective materials and educational approaches. The selection of materials included on this website is in keeping with the research thrusts of CSER and those very general materials found to be effective in the area of energy education. Every effort has been taken to choose resources that meet high standards of accuracy. For further information please read our Disclaimer and Privacy Statement.



CSER Educational Outreach Programs and Resources


Science & Technology Series Program 2007


Thinking small may help solve one of the world’s biggest challenges – the need for alternative energy sources. Breakthroughs in nanoscale science and engineering can open up the possibility of moving beyond our current energy alternatives by introducing technologies that are more efficient, inexpensive, and environmentally sound. The Center for Sustainable Energy Research (CSER) at the California Institute of Technology invites participants to explore nanotechnology, energy, and related scientific breakthroughs.

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